Corella/Curra State Forest – where to park and access the trails.

Corella State Forest is located approximately 10km north of the township of Gympie. The forest covers some 8000ha and has approximately 70km of trial through mostly open dry Eucalypt forest with some wet closed-forest gullies with semi-permanent waterholes. The trail surface is predominantly hard-packed clay and shale that provides very good traction and stands up very well to wet weather with little erosion – for trails that have been well constructed to shed water. Unfortunately recreational 4WD and Moto activity have seriously rutted out and degraded some areas. But this is classic unmaintained backcountry riding so don’t head out here expecting groomed parklike splendour! The terrain grades well from undulating fast tracks in the south to more strenuous and technically challenging riding across the north. Riding here generally requires a moderate to high level of fitness with moderate technical skills. There is plenty of scope to push yourself over big distances and big climbs without ever having to go over old ground twice in the one ride. If you are training for a hilly endurance event – this is a great playground to clock up some elevation but it still offers enough gentler rolling terrain just to get out on a weekend for some fun. It is also suited for walking and horse riding.

There is no drinkable water available in the forest. Mobile phone coverage is variable – better on the ridges sometimes absent in the valleys. Be sure to take your rubbish with you. While you no longer require a permit from QPWS to ride here, taking responsibility for ensuring low impact will help to support ongoing permission for MTB riders to use these areas.

Depending on where and how far you want to ride and assuming you aren’t riding from town – here are the four best places to drive your vehicle to and head out on your bike from. At each Car Park there is enough space for a few vehicles so please do not undertake any further clearing by pushing into the scrub.

Access to the Southern Section – Trails South of Wood Road
Car Park 1 – Directions:
Head north from the Victory Hotel onto Sandy Creek Rd before turning left into North Deep Creek Rd and heading northward. A little over 2km north from the Tamaree Rd intersection you will reach a rough gravel track turning off to the left as you crest a rise on a slight right hand bend. This is Dead Horse Rd which heads well into the Corella section of the State Forest. There is a cleared paddock on the north side of the track as you turn off North Deep Creek Road. Dead Horse Rd provides a useful access to explore the trails in the southern, less steep areas of this State Forest that are located south of Wood Rd. Drive in for about 100m. You will see a clearing on the Right of the track just before you enter the forest. Park here up against the fence and ride into the forest along Dead Horse Rd.

Access to the Middle Section – Immediately North of Wood Road
Car Park 2 – Directions:
To get to Car Park 2, you can access it from either Old Maryborough Rd (west side) or North Deep Creek Rd (east side). However Wood Rd is unmaintained and access from the west (from Old Maryborough Rd) is often very washed out and may be impassable even by 4WD. The best place to park is on Wood Rd approximately 1.7k from the Nth Deep Creek Rd intersection and 2.5km from the Old Maryborough Rd intersection. You can park in the small clearing at the south west corner of the private plantation forestry block that is on the north side of Wood Rd. From here the trails head straight north.

Access to the Northern Section – starting off below the main East-West ridgeline.
Car Park 3– Directions:
To get to Car Park 3, drive along Old Maryborough Rd, pass under the railway-line, pass Wood Rd on your right and then take the next right into Brady rd. From this intersection it is 3.9k to the car park. About 1km from the turn onto Brady Rd you will reach a Y intersection with a post numbered 15 in front of you. Take the Right fork, from there it’s another 2.7k to the car park which is a clearing on the crest of the rise on the RHS of the track just past the Y intersection with Keliher 1 road.

Access to the Northern Section – starting off high on the main East-West ridgeline
Car Park 4– Directions:
Follow the directions to the turn off to Car Park 1. Continue northward along North Deep Ck Rd, past the intersection with Wood Rd which precedes a sweeping right hand bend. From this intersection continue around the bend and down the hill. Follow this wide gravel undulating road for approximately 6 km from the intersection with Wood Rd continuing past the entrance to Penny Royale. Car Park 4 is situated high on an east-west ridgeline at the point where it meets a north trending ridgeline supporting a well worn track heading north. A private grazing property is to your South. The track heading north goes on up to Bald Knob which is the highest point in the forest from which there are some great technical ridgeline descents.

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Corella Trail Map

Corella South MTBO Trail Map