About CTCA

CTCA seeks to provide a centrepoint for Trail Advocacy in the Gympie Region – with a focus on securing recreational trails for cyclists, hikers, naturalists, schools and the wider community.

Our objective is to work with land managers (including Local and State Government) and within the mountain biking and wider trail using community to plan, develop and maintain world class recreational trails in the Gympie Region


Our organisation
The CTCA was initiated in early 2011 by a group of local mountain bikers and outdoors people interested in improving the availability of quality trails in the Gympie area. We are committed to developing sustainable and fun trails for recreation and enjoyment in a way that respects and enhances our local natural areas.

CTCA is not a mountain bike club or sporting club though we are guided by the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) principles of sustainable trail development and positive landholder engagement. CTCA members and volunteers operate under IMBA guidelines and codes of practice and are registered and insured under Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA).
While the CTCA has a significant focus on developing mountain bike trails due to their high demand and popularity, we work hard toward securing trail networks that cater for a range of passive users including horse riders, runners, hikers, orienteers and naturalists and we promote shared use and cooperation amongst all trail users.

Our projects, contributions and investments
Victory Heights Recreational Trails – major regional trail facility development on leased freehold land

Corella State Forest – mapping, maintenance, planning and QPWS engagement

Deep Creek – investigations and project planning for Gympie Regional Council

GRC Tracks and Trails Plan – advocacy and engagement Gympie Regional Council